WHAT IS THE Leadership Boutique?

It is a Virtual Summit for Powerful Women like YOU!

Who is The Leadership Boutique for?

If you are a director, a manager, a leader, a high-performer, a business owner, an influencer or a coach, you don’t want to miss this event.

Why should YOU attend?

More women are leading organizations. They are soaring in executive suites in corporate America, they are starting and leading businesses, they are leading non-profit organizations, they are leading in religious settings, they are leading in their families and they are leading in political arenas. 

Women are leading the way and they are no longer following the male models of leadership. Women are re-defining what it means to lead with confidence, competency, character and most of all compassion.

We have assembled women who are the tops in their fields and they have learned some lessons about leadership that have catapulted their careers and grown their businesses. They have mastered what it means to collaborate, connect and create networks to increase visibility, productivity, and profitability.

Join us! Get words of wisdom from women who have PROVEN that leadership is not only a man’s job. Leadership is a job for those who are bold, brilliant and who just happen to be beautiful too.

You don't want to miss this event. Register now and invite other business owners and leaders.

You will gain tips to maximize your impact to increase your income. They will share how to increase your influence to increase your affluence.

The game has changed!

 It is YOUR time, our time, to LEAD with brilliance, boldness and beauty!

You don't want to miss 6 Powerful Days Of Wisdom from these Proven Leaders!

Starts: Sunday, March 26th through Saturday

Time: 8 pm EST

See you there!

 THE Leadership Boutique, A Virtual Summit


Engage with industry thought leaders who will transform the way you think about leadership.

Renee Downton

VP Of Sales

L'oreal Costmetics

Zenovia Andrews

Founder & CEO

 Max Out Group

Dr. Vikki Johnson



Tam Lawrence

 PR Mogul

Roth and Lawrence 

Juliet Hall

Founder & CEO 

Own Your Opportunities

Alex Okoroji 

Actress|Writer|TV&Talk Radio Host|Speaker

Alex Okoroji Inc.

SharRon Jamison

Founder & CEO

The Jamison Group

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